User points

A user point is a 360° vision of a unique user in the platform.

It is composed of different sets of data to cover all the user aspects providing a 360° view (online and offline):

  • User activities represent an interaction with the user

  • User profiles represent a summary of timeless information about the user, like first name, last name, birth date...

  • User segments are here to capture that the user belongs to a particular group of users

  • User choices capture that the user has given his consent for a specific type of data processing

  • User traits represent a calculated attribute used to describe the user.

User points merges

Imagine you are going to a site with firefox, and you go back to that site later on safari. At the moment, there is no way for the platform to know that all those actions are from the same user. You'll have two user points: one with the user agent ID from firefox and the other with the user agent ID from safari. If later you log into the site with your user account on both navigators, the two user points will be associated with a common user account ID identifier. The platform will automatically merge the two user points and their activities to represent the reality that we now know those two users were the same.

User points merges can only be triggered by :

The merge will result in a user point survivor, to which we migrate all the data related to the previous two user points.

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