Real time user tracking

Online tracking aims at giving the ability to track unique users across digital properties. We support the following integrations in real time:

Use this feature if you want to track in real time what your users are doing on your digital touch points.

If your need is to mass import activities, users or CRM profiles, you should consider Bulk Imports.

User activities and events

With real-time user tracking, you send user events to mediarithmics that are aggregated and encapsulated into user activities. Some user activities only have one user event, while others can have multiple events.

pageUser activities and events

For example, when you send hits from the JS Tag on a web site, mediarithmics aggregates all the events into sessions, creating one user activity per session.

Session aggregation

If registering a visit as IN_SESSION, the visit will go through the session aggregation step. We aggregate visits in sessions based on the provided identifiers. We close sessions after 30 minutes of inactivity or if a new event is recorded with a referrer from a different domain than the previously recorded. Visits registered as LIVE don't create sessions.

The processing pipeline

When using the real-time tracking capability of mediarithmics, you enter what is called the User Activity Processing Pipeline. It allows mediarithmics to do some processing on your behalf.

Here are the steps of processing, in order :

  1. At session closing or every minute if events are live, creation of a user activity.

  2. Execution of event rules. They allow you to edit the events in the activity and add new ones based on their shapes.

  3. Application of the activity analyzer. It is a plugin allowing you to execute code to transform each activity.

  4. Detection of query-based conversions. Conversions relying on pixels skip this step.

  5. Evaluation of automations triggers "React to an event". If the ongoing activity matches the trigger, the user point enters the scenario.

  6. User Choices management ensures the data you ingest is compatible with GDPR and other regulations.

The activity is finally stored.

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