Contextual targeting


Check Userguides documentation for more context on this feature.

How it works

A new mediarithmics JS Tag has been deployed for enabling Contextual Targeting on your website(s). The tag is imported in a JavaScript snippet that needs to be executed on all the pages you wish contextual targeting to be performed.

The code of the contextual targeting snippet is non-blocking - it does not impact on the page rendering time. The snippet can be inserted in the <head> part of the web page.

Contextual Targeting does not require any consent. We do not store nor use any data from users targeted using contextual and not giving their consent.

Contextual targeting JS Tag does not work as of now on Single Page Application. Please reach out to your Account manager if you need to integrate contextual targeting on a SPA.


  • The Contextual Targeting feature should be activated on your organisation(s) by your Account manager. This will allow you to configure contextual targeting on your segments and update the JS Tag with them.

  • Events must be ingested into mediarithmics, either through Real-time web apps tracking or User activities import (url field needs to be populated).

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