Activities analytics queries

The activity analytics endpoint has been designed as a cube to query user activities.

This API gives you programmatic access to user activities as a data cube. You get metrics with dimensions, filters, and within date ranges leveraging the Activity analytics part of our multi-model database.

With the activities analytics API, you can create reports to answer questions like:

  • Number of active users. The metric is users and it has no dimensions or filter.

  • Number of active users per channel per day. The metric is users, grouped by channel_id and date_yyyymmdd dimensions, without filters.

  • Number of sessions per day for users who had an activity of type AD_VIEW on campaign 666. The metric is sessions, grouped by the date_yyyymmdd dimension with filter clauses activity_type = AD_VIEW and origin_campaign_id = 666

  • Days with more than 200k transactions on a specific channel. The metric is number_of_transactions, grouped ty the date_yyyymmdd dimension with filter clauses on channel_id = 666. Then a filter is applied on the calculated metric to only keep days with more than 200k transactions.

It can also be used to build custom dashboards. For more information, see Dashboards.

  • Maximum recommended 5 queries per second.

  • Response time around 1 second.

  • Results date range for the 4 latest months.

Quick start guide

Calling the API to get your first metrics is easy with your favorite tool that you already use to query other mediarithmics endpoints. See the API Quickstart guide to get started.

Available endpoints

Supported dimensions and metrics

See Dimensions en metrics for the complete list of supported dimensions and metrics.

How data cubes work

This endpoint is a mediarithmics Data cube. You can find documentation on how data cubes work and which data cubes are available in the specific documentation section.

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