Standard events

As you've seen, you can give your events any name you would like. However you might want to considering mediarithmics standard event names (notice the "$" in front of the event name):

  • $page_view: the user has seen a page. This is the default event that you can send using the mics.pushDefault() method instead of mics.push(...). Please note that currently $page_view events are discarded after a while.

  • $home_view: the user has seen the home page

  • $item_list_view: the user has seen a list of products (category page, search page, etc)

  • $item_view: the user has seen a product page

  • $basket_view: the user has been on the basket page

  • $transaction_confirmed: the user has confirmed a transaction on one or several items

  • $conversion: the user has completed a conversion

Using these events will make for a more user friendly experience in the mediarithmics UI.

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