Data visualisation

You can build self-service data visualisations directly into the platform. This feature leverages the different ways of querying your data.
With data visualisation, you can create dashboards :
  • In your datamart's home page
  • In your segments
  • In the standard segment builder
Dashboard in home page
Dashboard in standard segment builder
Those dashboards will answer questions like :
  • What is ingested in the platform ?
  • Do we have moments where we ingest less data than other days ?
  • Who are my users ?
  • How many active users do I have ? on which channels ?
  • What differentiates people in this segment to the rest of my users ?
  • Do I have enough data to activate a segment ?
Note : You can also create quick data visualisations for your one-time needs directly in the query tool.
Radar chart in the query tool
Bar chart in the query tool

Quick start guide

Create your first dashboard with our Quickstart guide.


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