Data visualisation

You can manage charts using the query tool and edit dashboards in the UI. Manipulating dashboards by API and in advanced mode can be useful in some advanced integrations, but will take longer.

With data visualisation, you can create dashboards :

  • In your datamart's home page

  • In your segments

  • In the standard segment builder

Those dashboards will answer questions like :

  • What is ingested in the platform?

  • Do we have moments where we ingest less data than on other days?

  • Who are my users?

  • How many active users do I have? On which channels?

  • What differentiates people in this segment from the rest of my users?

  • Do I have enough data to activate a segment?

Quick start guide

Create your first dashboard with our Quickstart guide.


Speed up your learning curve with useful examples in our Cookbook.

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