Your first bulk imports

Bulk imports let you directly upload data to mediarithmics, without using the mediarithmics tag.

In contrast with the mediarithmics tag which lets you send only events, bulk imports let you upload different types of data:

  • User activities (offline purchase import, store visit, ...)

  • User segments (email list import, cookie list import, user account list import)

  • User profiles (CRM import, scoring import, ...)

  • User association (CRM onboarding, ...)

  • User dissociation

  • Identifiers suppression (GDPR suppression requests, opt out management)

However, you should note that while events sent using the mediarithmics tag are processed without delay, processing bulk import files can take hours, so if you're looking for responsiveness, bulk import is not really the way to go.

In this section, you will learn how to import a file using the mediarithmics API.

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