Tracking API

You can import user activities using our dedicated API endpoint.
Beware of the authentication method you choose, so that it is adapted to the context running API calls.
Import a user activity
The body must be a valid user activity object.
"$ts" : 3489009384393,
"$type" : "APP_VISIT",
"$session_status" : "IN_SESSION",
"$user_agent_id" : "mob:ios:raw:6d92078a-8246-4ba4-ae5b-76104861e7dc",
"$app_id" : "1023",
"$events" : [
"$ts" : 3489009384393,
"$event_name" : "$app_open",
"$properties" : {}
You can use different user identifiers in your activities depending on what is available to you.
Import a user profile
The body must be a valid user profile object.
"$compartment_Id" : ":compartment_id",
"$user_account_id" : ":user_account_id",
"gender" : "female",
"zipcode" : "75001"
Beware of the difference between the user_account_id and the compartment_id that identify the profile and those which identify the user.