Each dashboard is represented by a DashboardRegistration object. It has a title, a set of scopes to be displayed on, and a DashboardContent. Its content is composed of sections and cards.
Dashboards can be displayed on :
  • Datamart's home page with the home scope.
  • Segments page with the segments scope.
  • Standard segment builders with the builders scope.
  • A specific set of segments with the segments scope and segment IDs in the segment_ids property.
  • A specific set of standard segment builders with the builders scope and builder IDs in the builder_ids property.
Multiple dashboards displayed on "home" scope
You can have multiple dashboards at the same scope.
If you have multiple dashboards to be displayed at a given scope, tabs will be created to switch between them. If you don't have multiple dashboards, then it is simply displayed without any tab.
It is best to have multiple dashboards than a single big one to prevent too many requests from being executed at once.
See REST resources for managing dashboards by API.